Project launching ceremony

Epileptics can be monitored constantly with artificial intelligent system; attacks can be automatically detected and relevant analytical statistics report can be generated......This intelligent system is going to come out at Jiangmen central hospital, serving all the time as their healthy manager. Yesterday(April 27th) morning, the launching ceremony of artificial intelligent computational visual analysis medical application project of Jiangmen central hospital was held in its Renji house. The project is the pilot of applying artificial intelligent computational visual system on two fields including epileptic supporting diagnosis and hospital management, which is the first one in China and a significant step taken by the hospital to establish intelligent hospital.

In 2017, the hospital started the intelligent medical new era, and was included as the Guangdong intelligent hospital establishment unit. The project is led by Jiangmen central hospital, jointly studied by Guangzhou Feiyu intelligent technique corporation and Jiangmen intelligent equipment institute, a combination of hospital, enterprise, industry and research. Director of the hospital Li Yuming said that they are making efforts in promoting application of the project, trying to be an innovation exemplar of this field in the Bay area.

“Artificial intelligent+ medication is the trend, big data management towards the patients by such a system is good for improving management and technique of the hospital.”

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