Copyright protection

In order to promote the knowledge copyright awareness of the society, on the eve of April 26th world knowledge copyright day promotion week of this year, Jiangmen copyright bureau carried out copyright knowledge propaganda activities in Jiangmen open university, Jiangmen industry and trading vocational college and Guangdong south vocational college, further enhancing the idea of copyright protection and innovation facilitation of teachers and students.

Jiangmen copyright bureau attaches high importance to copyright promotion. On the one hand, it made mini-video about copyright protection in Jiangmen, widely promoting through media, colleges, associations, enterprise communication platforms and WeChat. On the other, it made commonweal ads about copyright application, original protection and fight against pirates, and posted up at the buses, with the activities in the propaganda week.

Meanwhile, Jiangmen copyright bureau actively carried out copyright protection, enhanced and innovated copyright register and law enforcement, making great achievements. Up to 2017, volunteer register substitute agent of the bureau: Jiangmen printing chamber had disposed 667 works and was rewarded the title: superior substitute agent, by Guangdong copyright bureau service center.

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