Tourism introduction meeting

To promote images and products of attractions of Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Jiangmen and Yangjiang, Zhu-Zhong-Jiang-Yang(Nanjing) tourism introduction meeting was held in Nanjing on April 19th. More than 30 people from Jiangmen tourism bureau and enterprises visited Nanjing to promote Jiangmen tourism with the Zhu-Zhong-Jiang-Yang tourism league.

The reporter saw plenty of decorations with Jiangmen factors, such as paintings showing Enping’s beauty, Xinhui dried orange peel and Xinhui palm leaf fan, Jiangmen tourism pamphlet and those about beaches. Principals of Jiangmen Chunqiu travel agent deeply introduced the 5 days route of Jiangmen to people, inviting Nanjing people to visit Jiangmen, travel around islands, enjoying the hot spring, climbing turrets, appreciating eco-system and feeling unique culture of overseas Chinese hometown.

Vice patroller of Nanjing tourism committee Yang Shengchun said that Jiangmen has international cultural relic Kaiping turrets and villages, near Hong Kong and Macao. As the Bay area put into use, Jiangmen and 4 cities will organize the circle with Hong Kong and Macao to become one of the most desirable attractions for Nanjing people.

Deputy management of Nanjing Lehe travel agent Zhang Zhongjie visited Jiangmen in 2015. She said that the travelling was unanimously claimed by Nanjing people. The clear sea in Chuandao island, unique turret and culture left her great impression, and they will organize more travelling to Jiangmen.

Deputy secretary of Nanjing league of China tourism league He Shuhua said that they gained a completer and deeper understanding to Jiangmen and believed that it is some place to visit.

After the meeting, with Tongcheng travel platform, Jiangmen tourism image and features will be promoted for 3 months both online and other ways.

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