Jiangmen-Zhanjiang railway came to the joint adjustment phase

At 5:30 of April 14th, the joint adjustment train went out of the Xinhui station, indicating the joint adjustment phase of Jiangmen-Zhanjiang railway. According to Jiangmen engineering headquarter of China railroad Guangzhou bureau corporation, from April 14th, it came to the phase after gliding experiments.

Before it’s put into use, there are several phases including static experiment, gliding experiment, joint adjustment and pre-operation. This joint adjustment is just after the gliding experiment which involves cold gliding and hot gliding, with the former immune from dynamic experiment out of power. On April 2nd, a yellow comprehensive train slowly moved out, indicating the beginning of the cold gliding experiment. The hot gliding experiment involves back and forth adjustment in various speeds and camera system observation, standardizing the network and fulfilling the operation requirements. At 12:20 of April 5th, the success of power transition ensured the hot gliding experiment which ensured the joint adjustment.

The reporter saw that the train had 2 headstocks and 3 green compartments, being tested in a slow speed. According to relevant principals, the speed was about 120km/h and it can reach 220 later in the adjustmemt.

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