Reconstruction of west industry bridge was in the plan

Recently, according to Jiangmen construction and management center, on purpose of further completing local road network, west industry bridge was in the plan to be removed and reconstructed in June.

With the increasing burden on Pengjiang district traffic, west industry bridge and Huanshi 1 road are not enough for future development. Consequently, local road network will be further completed, west industry bridge will be reconstructed and Huanshi 1 road will be enlarged.

Design of construction drawing is finished and it will be implemented in June 2018, as the bid inviting will be carried out. The reconstruction is supposed to bring convenience to nearby traffic.

The bridge and Huanshi 1 road is a major construction program of Jiangmen 2017-2018, with its length of 223m(86m of the bridge and 160m of the road) and 404 billion yuan of investment. The bridge will be enlarged from 14m to 40m with its surface consisting of asphalt and concrete, complying the city sub-artery standard.

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