Establishment of rural effluent disposal facility

Yesterday(April 8th), according to Jiangmen water affair bureau, Jiangmen will carry out the 2nd rural effluent disposal facility establishment; each area is investigating the previous data of all natural rural effluent disposal facility establishment in their jurisdictions; Jiangmen will regulate the overall program in this month.

Last year, Jiangmen launched a new program of rural effluent disposal facility establishment. Currently, 12 urban effluent disposal factories, 60km of effluent network and 554 rural effluent disposal stations have been established. In addition, 2 factories have been reconstructed, making Jiangmen the frontier of development in Guangdong. In accordance with relevant requirement of the nation and Guangdong, before 2020, level-1 effluent disposal facility should cover the entire town; before 2021, 80% rural effluent disposal should be covered. Jiangmen has 9451 natural villages with more than 20 households, 1462 of which have launched the facilities and 8000 of which will be promoted later.

According to relevant documents of Guangdong, Jiangmen will receive examination in establishment: the first stage in October next year, the second stage in October 2020. Besides, Jiangmen should finish 27 effluent disposal factories reconstruction this year, and 8 next year.

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