Jiangmen has about 12,000 new urban employment

Recently, Jiangmen human resources and social security bureau released the employment and venture situation in the first season of this year, indicating that the overall situation is good. January to March, Jiangmen has 11,759 new urban employment, with 2.38% as urban registered unemployment rate, lower than Guangdong controlled objective.

In the first season, Jiangmen public employment service institutes held 74 activities in Jiangmen, with 4,086 enterprises attending, 72,669 positions provided, 91,862 job seekers in, 23,797 satisfied and 10,155 employed. Meanwhile, after the Spring Festival, Jiangmen organized 79 enterprises visiting Guangxi and Zhaoqing, attending labor transit activities in 5 local villages, with 1,692 entering, 406 satisfied and 101 employed.

In the first season, The bureau has disposed 152,933 million yuan of subsidy application benefitting 11,400 people. It involved people in need of employment, undergraduate venture and the unemployed.

In addition, Jiangmen promoted Internet+ employment and venture. With the sharing of data, serial service of job seeking, job recommending and subsidy application can be implemented. In the first season, with the real-name system, 367 enterprises and 1,803 employers were serviced. 24,373 people were provided with personal service, benefitting 8,408 people.

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