Jiangmen will run 7 more private schools

Yesterday, according to Jiangmen education bureau, currently, Jiangmen has 7 schools as major bases to promote the 5 new private schools plan, including 1 in Pengjiang, Jianghai, Taishan and Heshan, 3 in Xinhui. Total investment of 7 schools is 1.8679 billion yuan, and about 19,000 superior degrees will be offered when all are completed.

Up to March 30th, 5 out of 7 private schools began the construction. Xinhui Guangya secondary school and primary school were approved to raise and operate. Jiangmen foreign language school attached to Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Taishan Country Garden school(senior) and Heshan Kunlun school(senior) began the construction and to apply the approval. Jiangmen school attached to Guangdong experimental high school and experimental school attached to Jiangmen 1st secondary school implemented the locations.

Pengjiang District has 10 junior high schools, 9 in old town and only the Yifu school in north-new district, no junior school put into use in Binjiang new district.

In 2017, Pengjiang district had more than 4,700 students entering junior high schools, more than 1,100 to Jiangmen-straight schools like Jingxian school and Jiangmen 2nd secondary school, about 3,600 arranged by the district, centered on the populated north-new district. More than 2,100 students at the north of the Yingbin Road, while Yifu school can only enroll 400. Others shall go to Chen Baisha school, Port school and Peiying junior school.

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