Main entities were over 3.4 million

1st of April, according to the industry and commerce bureau, in the first season of 2018, Jiangmen had 33,940 new main entities, an increase of 247.11%, with more than 3.4 million in total. Besides, there were 12.993 billion yuan of new listed capital, an increase of 33.25%.

Up to February, Jiangmen had disposed 18,294 reform business, benefitting 18.304 enterprises, at least saving 172.6 million weekdays for them, a decrease of pressure of 71.92%. Meanwhile, 51,000 applicant materials were reduced, an decrease of 52.53%. 83 examination rights were included into the second categorization reform.

Since this year, Jiangmen industry and commerce bureau carried on deepening the convenient reform.

For one, commercial business register direct service is to be promoted. On the basis of 375 bank network of the direct service jointly launched by Jiangmen, Hong Kong and Macao, the Commercial business register direct service cooperation agreement was signed with Macao-Jiangmen chamber of commerce and Hong Kong-Wuyi Association. Commercial business register service by chambers of commerce of Hong Kong and Macao for their members or local investors back to invest, trade or start up in Jiangmen is supported, allowing investors to register nearby. 75 were disposed in the first season.

For another, convenience of founding an enterprise is to be promoted. The bureau coordinated with relevant departments, further optimized chapter carving, tax information confirmation, bank account opening, and compressed the length of founding an enterprise into 4 or 5 weekdays. In addition, those of commercial business register will be compressed into 2 weekdays.

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