Obligatory planting activity

Yesterday morning, director of Guangdong forestry bureau Chen Junguang, deputy secretary of Jiangmen committee and mayor Liu Yi, chairman of Jiangmen people’s political consultatives Zhou Weiwan with the party, visited the planting spots in Tangxia town Liantang villiage, Pengjiang district, and planted more than 15 thousand trees with 600 Jiangmen officers, including Ceiba speciosa St.Hih., Handroanthus chrysanthus (Jacq.) S.O.Grose and Cercis chinensis. Jiangmen may plants in any time by anyone. Liu Yi required for greening promotion, city quality improvement, and deep facilitation of national forest city and national forest city agglomeration in Pearl river delta.

Everywhere on the spot, people were busy in holding up the seedlings, putting into the holes, and filling earth with spades. Officers attending were in uniform, planted one tree after another with a spade and infinite passion.

Chen Junguang said that Jiangmen forestry has a solid foundation, with its coverage, park city establishment and greening advanced in Guangdong. He required Jiangmen, in next step, make efforts to promote the greening, form a multiple and colorful forest scene, make the environment more beautiful and make contributions to the national forest city agglomeration in Pearl river delta.

During the Arbor Day, there were more than 2 million people in Jiangmen attending planting activities, with 7 million trees planted. By further carrying out public welfare planting and other activities, Jiangmen will form a social atmosphere in which every citizen is motivated, engaged and greening is promoted by the entire society.

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