6 Jiangmen programs won technology prize

Guangdong technology innovation conference was held in Guangzhou lately, where 2017 Guangdong technology prize was given. Jiangmen had 6 programs awarded, 4 with Jiangmen units as the first unit and 2 as participant unit.

The prize included 1 grand prize, 30 first prize, 64 second prize and 149 third prize. Jiangmen had 6 programs awarded. In recent years, Jiangmen made efforts to promote the industry-oriented city development and innovation-driving strategy, attached more importance to technology rewarding, encouraged innovation of enterprises, institutes and individuals and created a good innovation atmosphere.

4 of the awarded units had Jiangmen enterprises as the major unit. Jiangmen Xinhui Meida Nylon and Donghua University jointly completed the nanometer hybridization technique and its application in functional PA-6 fiber, which won the first prize. The technique, by nanometer hybridization, realized the production of functional powder material and resin, the formation of functional fiber, and the innovation assembly of knitwear design and manufacturing, as an outstanding technical exemplar. The overall technology of the program reached the international advanced level. It raised 804 million yuan output value in 3 years, facilitating the technique development and industry upgrading of nylon.

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