34 Jiangmen agricultural enterprises were selected in the list of major ones

The latest list of major Guangdong agricultural enterprises was released recently. 34 Jiangmen agricultural enterprises such as Huihai Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Group, Debao Group, Xianmei Seed and Jiangmen-Xinhui Fruit Wholesale Market passed the assessment and were selected in the list released to the public. Nowadays, Jiangmen has 79 major agricultural enterprises in city-level, 116 exemplary farmer-expert cooperatives and 60 family farms.

Industry prosperity is the foundation of country development, as the nurture and growth of novel agricultural entities is the major power of industry prosperity. In recent years, Jiangmen keeps promoting Internet+ policy and service as well as the reform of power releasing and service optimality, draws up programs in cultivating novel agricultural entities, implements preferential policies involving finance, land and power, tax and insurance, and optimizes the soft environment of their development.

As the first prefecture-level city in Guangdong conducting the agricultural Government-Bank-Insurance policy, Jiangmen innovated banking-supported agriculture pattern, finished the second loan making of 0.26 billion yuan last year and supported more than 100 agricultural entities in development. In addition, Jiangmen was engaged in the cooperative 100 exemplars and family farm engineering, effectively carrying out the matching between banks, technology enterprises, production and sale.

In 2017, Jiangmen witnessed 10 more major agricultural enterprises, 15 more exemplary farmer-expert cooperatives, 16 family farms, 3.5 million households driven by agricultural industry, a coverage rate of 62%.

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