Macao sport bureau carried out sport exchange in Jiangmen

On March 20th, director of Macao sport bureau Pan Yongquan and his party carried out sport exchange in Jiangmen, learning the circumstances of Jiangmen sport development. A seminar was held in purpose of facilitating sport exchange and collaboration between. Member of Jiangmen committee and director of propaganda bureau Zhou Huihong attended the seminar.

In the seminar, both side introduced the sport development respectively. In recent years, with the general objective of Healthy Jiangmen, sport has support to develop rapidly. Public sport prospers, competitive sport solidifies and sport industry advances steadily. Jiangmen established sport special towns, promoting sport industry and tourism integrative development. Pan Yongquan said that Macao covers a limited area but internationally influential sport competitions are held each year such as international dragon boat competition, auto rally and marathon, so that it has experience and foundation in running such large sport activities.

Zhou Huihong said that Jiangmen is the town of Kung Fu, where the famous Choy Li Fut and Wing Chun derived and people learn Kung Fu. Jiangmen is also the town of volleyball, stars and the city of Chinese dancing where people are in need of all kinds of sports. As the great historical opportunity of constructing the Bay-Area, she wished both sides explore higher-level collaboration and share the results. The consensus was reached that in the future, culture, tourism and other factors can be integrated into sports, carrying out multiple and more general exchange and cooperation.

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