The Nepal general consul of Guangzhou visited Jiangmen

Recently, the Nepal general consul of Guangzhou Ravi Bhattarai and his party visited Jiangmen. Concerning trading, investment, tourism propaganda and item program, they had a discussion and reached a consensus of constant communication and interaction, cooperation in several fields and relationship construction. Member of Jiangmen committee and minister of the United front Yi Zhongqiang met with the guests.

Yi Zhongqiang said that Nepal is a friend of China, with frequent cooperation between. Nepal is Jiangmen people’s favorite destination as tourism communication between Jiangmen and Nepal is constant. Jiangmen is the major hometown of overseas Chinese with more than 40 million overseas Chinese. In addition, Jiangmen is the major crux pivot of the Bay Area and major site of southwest direction of it, facing a gigantic development opportunity.

Yi Zhongqiang believed that there is great potential in trading between because of closer relationships since this visitation and larger collaboration in the future as the infrastructures are being completed. Ravi Bhattarai said that this visitation is positive and he wished all-direction communication and understanding from government to the people. He also hoped for more support, more joint programs and reciprocal development.

Ravi Bhattarai and his party then visited Kaiping watchtowers and villages to learn the tourism resources in Jiangmen.


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