The first large health program of overseas Chinese venture in Jiangmen started

On 3rd March, overseas Chinese venture fund: Yiliren large health program starting ceremony and Yiliren charity party was held in Jiangmen. Vice director of Jiangmen political consultative conference Zhao Cuiling, vice president of Wuyi Charity Wang Nandong, principals of relevant departments and major members of Macao-Jiangmen fellow association, approximately 500 guests attended.

The first stage of the program raised 500 million yuan and 100 had been subscribed. The party that night raised 6.078 million yuan, as 2.078 will constantly be used for supporting children in Jiangmen patient families to receive education and 4 will be used for supporting Xinhui Luokeng Education development.

The fund was founded with advocacy of Jiangmen foreign affairs bureau, as a significant move for inviting investments and talents, and supporting overseas Chinese to come back for innovation and venture. The fund: Yiliren large health program has a core team jointly organized by Macao Z Liren cosmetic group, Jiangmen estate senior couple Li Ju and Wei Xia, professional fund management Ye Qichang group, special capital lawyer Zhou Yuan and Macao businessman Huang Keai, aiming at improving Jiangmen large health industry development.

Zhao Cuiling said that the program is the first large health program of Jiangmen overseas Chinese venture, a successful example of investment-program connection, promoting overseas resources engaging in Jiangmen businesses. She wished teenagers from Hong Kong and Macao can seize the opportunity of the development of the Bay Area, come back to Jiangmen in investment and venture, and realize developments of both themselves and Jiangmen economy and society.

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