5 commodity trading markets became provincial civilized and honest markets

Recently, 5 commodity trading markets of Jiangmen were displayed as the 2016-2017 annual Guangdong civilized and honest markets, as Jiangmen was the prefecture city in Guangdong with most markets displayed.

The 5 markets are Zhongbang International Decoration Market, Xinhui Baojun Xiaogang Xiangye City, Xinhui Classic Furniture City, Kaiping Happy Market and Heshan Asia Kitchen and Sanitary City.

On purpose of better promoting honest establishment, Jiangmen propagated the event of civilized and honest market construction in all direction with many ways such as internet, conference, phone call and visiting, and integrated it into the civility establishment. They swiftly learnt about the market, built standing book and included the well-regulated market with an area of more than 1000 square meters and complete equipments into establishment. Furthermore, they sent guidance to the interesting markets and carried out establishment according to 10 major items of the standard and 46 rules. After pragmatic establishment, 14 markets were recommended to be candidates.

Jiangmen aimed at encouraging commodity trading markets with local pillar industry, representing advanced productivity and local characteristics to join the establishment. For example, Xinhui Classic Furniture City founded the national mahogany quality detecting center, conducting price publicity, open information of production plants and identification certificate, regulating operation, prohibiting counterfeit and improving mahogany market honesty.

Finally, Jiangmen recommended 5 markets in time out of 14 candidates by on-spot inspection, listening to reports and reference.



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