Jiangmen carried out food safety inspection during the Spring Festival

Jiangmen food and medication inspection bureau organized an enforcement group to deeply carry out food safety inspection during the Spring Festival aiming at ensuring food safety. From supermarkets to resorts, to highway service areas, they were everywhere making contribution.

From the Eve on, the group launched the inspection which involved major activity locations of festival consumption such as food wholesale markets, agriculture-trading markets, major catering units and supermarkets, revolving around the features of festival consumption. Problems were required to be solved in no time.

During the Festival, the officers conducted inspections in popular resorts then and there in order to ensure food safety of them. They were here and there working, including catering units in Xinhui bird paradise, former residence of Liang Qichao, Kaiping barbican and village scenic areas.

Due to the peak period of highway transit during the Festival, on purpose of enhancing supervision of food safety of highway service areas, Jiangmen food and medication supervision system organized inspection group to go to the service areas and carry out inspections then and there.

The bureau reminded consumers that they should dial 12331 the report line of food and medication when encountering relevant safety problems and there will be services immediately.

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