Liu Yi inspected pre-festival safety in production with his party

February 13th, deputy secretary of municipal committee and mayor Liu Yi went to Taishan and inspected waterway transportation safety and large-scale public activity safety security with his party. He required that departments of all levels should be responsible and dedicated, make safety in production of all industries and fields regulated, ensure life and property safety of people, so that people can have a secure, happy and harmonious Spring Festival. Municipal governor Xu Xiaoxiong and Lin Feiming were respectively in company during the inspection.

Liu Yi at the first place went to Taishan Guanghai harbor. Currently, the harbor has more than 70 fishing boats anchored. Liu Yi asked earnestly about the deployment of safety in production of the harbor during the Festival. Relevant principal of Guanghai town reported that it would be 24-hour patrol ships, fire on the ships forbidden, fire fighting supervision of ships and roads enhanced and group fishing, ensuring the safety in fishing vessels. Liu Yi emphasized after the report that the festival safety management measures of harbor and vessels ought to be regulated, and put them on records to ocean and fishing department and local safety committee, forming the operationalized and inspectalized institution. After the daily management measures regulated, responsibilities should be taken and accountability method should be clarified.

Liu Yi went to Taishan Shanju dock which will have 110 thousand people coming and going during the festival as estimated. Liu Yi required that safety inspection during the festival should be done in a meticulous manner, until all the safety hazard thoroughly eliminated.

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