January CPI of Jiangmen increased 0.3%

February 10th, Jiangmen investigation group of national statistic bureau released January CPI of Jiangmen. It indicated that January this year, Jiangmen had CPI increased 0.3%, contributing to “6 up 1 down 1 even” situation of eight major commodity price month on month.

As was indicated, in January, Jiangmen commodity price of food, cigarette and wine increased 0.8% from last month. The price of vegetable increased because of the cold air, rain and snow weather in Guangdong as the fiercest cold air entered at the first half. Estimated over January, vegetable price increased 0.7%, while fresh vegetable increased 0.9%. Pork market came to the peak season at the end of last year, but as the need remained the price fell 0.8%. Winter is the peak season of beef and mutton, and need for mutton apparently increased as it got cold. January beef price increased 0.1%, mutton 14.4%. In addition, livestock by-product price increased 1.2%, other meat and products 2%.

This month came to the peak period of returning of migrant workers and the winter vacation, resulting in the increase of traffic price 5.8%, air ticket 16.7%, coach ticket 8.2%. Additionally, part of service price increased. January is the peak season of tourism. As the vacation of Spring Festival came, travelling increased, tourism market kept prosperous and travel agent price increased 9.4%. Influenced by the circumstance, travel price increased 8.8%. Besides, as the winter vacation came, driving schools provided with discounts, and specialized skill training fell 2.7%. Furthermore, self-service price gradually entered the Spring Festival increase mode, as housekeeping service increased 4.5% and hairdressing service increased 3.9%.

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