Venture Park of Overseas Chinese was proposed to establish in the Bay Area

  Representative of the Provincial NPC, declarer and quality inspector of assemble workshop of Taishan Guanrong Metalwork Incorporation Lei Yayi, for the first time, attended the Provincial NPC. Inspired by scintillation of representatives’ opinions, as a worker representative and a relative of overseas Chinese, she put forward to establish industry park of overseas Chinese in the Bay Area, to integrate overseas Chinese resources over Guangdong and to offer a large platform for overseas Chinese venture.

Lei Yayi said that an overseas Chinese group of more than 160 people investigated Taishan last year, and more than 100 of them harbored the idea of venture in Taishan. Lei Yayi proposed that more effort should be made in helping overseas Chinese investing and venturing in Guangdong, and privilege policies ought to be given such as tax relief, land price privilege and talent support.

As a worker representative, Lei Yayi also concerned and deliberated about enterprise development and worker interest. “Currently plenty of enterprises are facing the problem of labor cost raise which is some burden of labor-oriented enterprises.” Lei Yayi said that the enterprise she was employed in raises efficiency by automatic production reform, and that 100 automatic production points have been put into use as it is prominently effective. Lei Yayi said: “I wish the government guide and help enterprises in automatic production development with support in both policy and funds.

  Enterprises’ need for high-quality technical talent will increase with the automatic production. Lei Yayi said: “Different cities in the Delta, to some extent,  vary in industry, resulting in relative difficulty for Jiangmen to introduce proper high-quality technical talent. Consequently, I believe it would be helpful for employment and enterprise development if local enterprise and Guangdong colleges and universities can establish cooperation, make the curriculum individualized and customize talents for enterprises. However, enterprise-college cooperation requires government’s planning such as policies.”


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