Jiangmen deployed greening and park city establishment

January 31st, Jiangmen Greening and Park City Establishment Conference was held, requirements as follow: combine the Delta national forest city group establishment, facilitate land greening establishment, constantly improve park city establishment, implement urban-rural greening establishment, promote city comprehensive strength and city quality. Vice Mayor Liang Xuzan and member of Municipal Government Party Group Rong Fuhua attended the Conference.

Improving land greening, implementing park city establishment, strengthening city greening management and conducting city quality promotion are an organic entity, a vital component of Jiangmen ecologic civilization establishment. Liang Xuzan revolved around major work in next phase and asked to deeply study the 19th spirit of the Party and fully understand new circumstance, new task and new requirement of land greening. First, about civil compulsory planting, complete land greening mechanism, improve peripheral greening and advocate Internet+ compulsory planting mode; Second, about deepen national forest city establishment, facilitate the 10 major engineering; Third, about park city establishment, continue improving establishment of all kinds like the 7 major parks and 3 nationa-level wetland park; Fourth, about city quality promotion, emphasize city beautification and greening, implement greening in major districts; Fifth, about land greening achievement protection, enhance protection and management of ancient trees and famous trees, rigorously fight against forest illegal and criminal crimes.


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