Jiangmen performed security inspection before Spring Festival Travel

January 25th, vice mayor, director of Jiangmen leading group of Spring Festival Travel Lin Feiming performed 2018 security inspection before Spring Festival Travel, and held the convention to deploy the tasks during the Festival.

In the morning, Lin Feiming inspected production safety of the Spring Festival in Jiangmen Maritime Affairs Bureau, Heshan Bus Terminal, Shenhai(Foshan-Kaiping) Highway Yayao Service Area, Guangzhou-Zhongshan-Jiangmen Highway Management with Jiangmen Traffic Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Safety Inspection Bureau, Bus Group Corporation. They learnt the production situation of Jiangmen traffic, require Maritime Affairs Bureau dod well in real time inspection of major water areas and ships; bus stations rigorously control in and out of vehicles and dangerous materials, and dispose illegal vehicles in time; highway service area do well in service and security; highway management continue to keep the road smooth.

In the convention, Lin Feiming pointed out that each unit should enhance leading, complete the mechanism, be on duty, closely cooperate, strengthen inspection, ensure security, improve service, promote propaganda, do well in duty and information report.

2018 Spring Festival Travel will begin at February 1st and end at March 12th, totally 40 days. During the period, Jiangmen will transport about 29.17 million passengers, roughly the same as last year. Jiangmen plan to employ 1330 coaches, 1640 buses, 829 taxis, 27 high-speed ships.


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