Lake Yinzhou Highway will adopt the PPP mode

Recently, the report learned from the Municipal Traffic Bureau that Yinzhou Highway will take the PPP model. The pre-qualification of its social investment purchase was released formally at January 17th online, marking that the advanced program of Jiangmen’s initially integrating into the Bay Area entering the fast lane.

January 12th this year, according to relevant regulations including the Operation Manual of Government-Social Investment Collaboration in Toll Road and the Provisional Measure of Information Disclosure and Management of the Comprehensive Information Platform of Government-Social Investment Collaboration(PPP), the Municipal Government replied and permitted the PPP Implementation Program. In recent days, authorized by the Municipal Traffic Bureau, Chelbi Engineering Consultants performed the tender invitation of investors of the Program.

The construction of the Program is of great significance in enhancing the traffic quality of surrounding areas, in improving the formation of industry economic belt at both sides of Lake Yinzhou and in leading the development of surrounding economy. Meanwhile, the Program connects the Jiangmen-Zhaoqing segment of the Pearl River Delta Circle on the north, the Jiangmen-Heshan segment of Shenzhen-Luohu Highway and the Zhongshan-Kaiping Highway in the middle and the west coastline highways on the south, linking highways of east-west direction. The construction is a requirement of completing the highway traffic network and strengthening the roadnet service capability.

The Highway starts at Pengjiang District Tangxia Town, across the Jiangmen-Zhaoqing Highway, on the south going through Pengjiang District Duruan Town, Heshan City Gonghe Town, Xinhui District Daze Town, Mount Guifeng Resort, Huicheng Street Qibao Community, Shuangshui Town and Yamen Town, ending connecting west coastline highway.


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