The first-phase WeChat platform of Jiangmen social security affairs was formally online

Recently, the first-phase WeChat platform of Jiangmen social security affairs was completed and formally online. The platform includes most functions of the social security website service hall as another significant effort made by Jiangmen social security to offer convenience to people. After insured people follow the Jiangmen Social Security WeChat Subscription Account, they can enjoy 7 working functions. The platform provides 11 functions and the rest 4 will be put into service.

Insured people can search for information including personal insurance, pension insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, work-injury insurance, unemployment insurance, salary-into-account, personal right list and social-security-transfer in the province, after they have their personal information bound in the platform. Furthermore, they can have business handling such as outpatient point selection and changing of the settled point of next year within period of validity.

If they need to handle relevant individual business in the Municipal Social Security Bureau, they can make appointments on the platform, a function currently open to insured people in Jiangmen. The rest 4 functions of the platform are digital document query, personal business pre-qualification, consultation and query of news and policies, personal business tracking, which will be open when completed.

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