Education Exchange Group of Hong Kong North District visited Jiangmen

  January 6th to 7th, deputy director of Hong Kong Wuyi Association Zhu Haoxian, came to Jiangmen for education exchange with Hong Kong North District education party of more than 20 people. In company of relevant principals of Jiangmen Education Bureau, they visited Wuyi University, Jiangmen Zicha Primary School, Pengjiang District Nonglinshuanglang Primary School and Xinhui Guifeng Primary School for education exchange.

  In Wuyi University, deputy secretary of party committee Li Aikang received them, introduced the education features of the University, visited the Culture-Art Design Exhibition Hall and Rail-transit Lab and deeply learnt the education characteristics of the University. During the exchange, it was put forward by the member of the Group that Wuyi University can launch some activities appropriate for students in Jiangmen and Hong Kong, such as technology innovation and rail transit, as a platform for students from both sides, which was appreciated and discussed into plans.

  During the exchange in Zicha, Nonglinshuanglang and Guifeng, headmasters of 3 schools guided the Group to learn school construction, teaching equipment, functional areas, and visit the culture establishment of the schools. In the exchange seminar, they introduced the education situation and ideas to the Group. Both sides mentioned exchanges in the future and wished for more exchanges in order to facilitate education collaboration and development. Zhu Haoxian said that the Association will make great effort to improve the education exchange and development of Jiangmen and Hong Kong as a bridge.


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