9 descendants of Chinese workers of American railroad came back seeking genealogy

January 3rd afternoon, the winter camp of descendants of Chinese workers of American railroad lasting 7 days had its ending ceremony. 9 descendants deeply learned the history of Wuyi overseas Chinese and Chinese traditional culture through visiting, lessons and seeking genealogy, feeling the development of the motherland and hometown.

They went to several places such as the Overseas Chinese Museum, Changan Road, Kaiping Watchtowers, Cangdong Village and former residence of Liang Qichao, learning contributions to hometown made by overseas Chinese in Wuyi, the history of the hometown and Chinese traditional culture. They also sought genealogy and studied in several places such as Taishan Dajiang Zhenshuilou Village, Taicheng Li Village, Kaiping Changsha Longtian Alley and Tangkou Town Pan Village, seeking vestige of their ancestors in the hometown and feeling about it. The leader of the winter camp Barrefong, as a 4th American Chinese with Kaiping as his hometown, said that the events allow young generations of American Chinese to learn different cultures and learn Chinese culture and hometown culture in multi-views. Lin Du, whose hometown is Kaiping, is studying material engineering in American Stanford University. As a 6th American Chinese, he said that there are few Chinese and Chinese culture in his life so he was not familiar with it. During the events he learned about the experiences of his ancestor leaving hometown, joining the railroad construction and settling in LA. It was the efforts made by ancestors that generated lives of today. This trip for them was of great importance, an opportunity for them to know the past and see the future, so they will come back.

Wuyi University and the Municipal Overseas Chinese Bureau said that the events were significant for research of Chinese workers of American railroad and social cultural communication of Chinese and America.


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