Page views of the Clinic in the Air broke a million

After operation of over a year, the Clinic in the Air has become an innovative project of health knowledge popularization, as well as the first online health consulting project launched by Jiangmen major hospitals. As a health improvement project creating the first of its kind in the Provincial health system, the Clinic is welcomed by many citizens, possessing 10.87 million online page views up to 13:00 at January 1st.

December 12th in 2016, the Clinic was formally online, as a health welfare project jointly launched by Jiangmen Daily and Jiangmen Maternal and Child Care Service Center, and the first online health consulting project launched by Jiangmen major hospitals, providing a convenient platform for communication between hospitals and citizens.

Director of the Center Cao Keshen said that the role played by the Clinic is health knowledge popularization, offering timely guidance and answering questions, to some extent, for citizens in need, and leading people necessary to get back to hospitals and receive further clinical intervention. In addition, the Clinic innovates solution for clinical difficulty and a pattern of health propaganda and education. In such a pattern, patients ask initially, hospitals answer in time, askers get help, watchers accept health education, and the information can be conserved for a long time and retrieved conveniently as a precious database of propaganda and education cases.

The principal of Omnimedia news center of Jiangmen Daily said that Internet plus is the current tendency. The Center and Jiangmen Daily collaborated and launched the Clinic with Jiangmen Live APP, an innovative step of convenience, following the tendency, linking hospitals and patients and popularizing health knowledge.


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