Jiangmen held the Conference of Forest-fire Prevention

December 25th, Jiangmen held the Conference of Forest-fire Prevention, reporting the situations of recent forest-fire in Jiangmen, deeply analyzing current situation, and deploying the prevention in next stage. Vice Mayor Liang Xuzan attend the Conference.

In the Conference, Kaiping reported recent situation of forest-fire, Heshan presented an experience introduction of rapid response of forest-fire control group, Municipal Forestry Bureau and Parks Bureau reported recent fire situation and analyzed the problems, Municipal Meteorological Bureau analyzed recent meteorological situations, and Jiangmen Military Subarea introduced current establishment situation of militia fire control group and the coordination during the fire.

Liang Xuzan said that recently forest fire happened in several Districts including Pengjiang, Kaiping and Enping, gloom and doom. Objective factor: constant dry air and few rain. Subjective factor: insufficient attention and vigilance. At present, departments of each level must further enhance sense of responsibility, mission and urgency, keep vigilant, implement the steps, act pragmatically, prevent the forest from severe fire and people from injury.

Liang Xuzan pointed out that next each unit should spare no effort in disposing the prevention during New Year’s Day, Spring Festival and Qingming Festival, reinforce the responsibility system and group establishment, improve field fire source management, patrol of fire and forest protection, promote command ability, and implement science remedy. At the same time, they need to improve duty management, fire report and propaganda and education.


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