Jiangmen bid for the 2022 Provincial Games

Jiangmen is about to bid for the 2022 Guangdong 16th Games. As the comprehensive sport game with the highest specialization, biggest scale and highest level in Guangdong, the Games is worth-holding to demonstrate our comprehensive strength and social-cultural development. If succeed, people in Jiangmen can see the Games just in the city.

The Games is held once 4 years, and is called the Little National Games because of its large nationwide effect. Holding the Games can further improve the profound development of civil sport and promote the more healthy development of city sport.

In order to bid for the Games, Jiangmen will hold the opening ceremony and 18th Sport Day activities and Jiangmen adolescence sport display events in Wanda Square in November 5th. Jiangmen people can watch and experience 21 sports like football, basketball and rolling. After that, He Jianbin and Zhang Guiping, the National Games champion and native Jiangmen, will be invited to the forum, awarded for their achievements, exchange their feelings and jointly witness the historical moment of the bid for the Games with Jiangmen people gathering.



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