Jiangmen Marathon Pengjiang branch line is open to register online

November 1st 9 a.m., as the online-register of the Shengjian Group 5th Overseas Chinese Hometown Walk-a-thons Competition Pengjiang Branch Line is open, 14,000 quotas are released in batches and citizens can register via Jiangmen Fabu Wechat or Live Jiangmen APP. As is introduced, there are 4 rounds of online-register, which are 1st, 3rd, 8th and 10th morning, 3500 quota a round. Site registration will come after the online one from 18th to 21st, 4500 quotas.

As is reported, in order to avoid the network congestion and give citizen a better registration experience, Jiangmen Fabu Wechat Account will be open at 9 a.m. today, and the Live Jiangmen APP will delay for half an hour. Noteworthy is that one can only register once, null for more; no regret and change is available after the online-pre-registration; the registration will be completed only when you go to designated location from 18th to 21st with valid certificate and make sure with signing relevant responsibility pledge.

In addition, citizens missing the online registration can do it on site and attend the competition. 18th to 21st, 3 registration spots will be open to site registration, including the Municipal Sport Bureau, Shengjianziyue and Jiangmen Oppein.

As is known, Shengjian Group 5th Overseas Chinese Hometown Walk-a-thons Competition will be held in 25th, with 7 playing fields, potentially 100 thousand players. Pengjiang Branch Line will have 25 thousand players, with 3 types of schedules: full(42.195km), half(21.097km) and mini(10km).


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