Guangdong Tourism Bureau investigated in Jiangmen

Yesterday(October 26th), Zeng Yingru, Minister of the Guangdong Tourism Bureau, investigated with her party in the all-for-one tourism and rural tourism in Jiangmen. Liu Yi, deputy secretary of Jiangmen Committee and Mayor, Zhou Huihong, member of Jiangmen Committee and Minister of the Propaganda Bureau, met Zeng Yingru and exchanged concerning the development of Jiangmen tourism.

Zeng Yingru and her party surveyed Taishan tourism hub, Nancun art tribute, Doushan tourism stage and Haikou harbor south-Guangdong ancient post, seeing the development of Taishan all-for-one tourism. The survey group appreciated the achievements of current exemplary construction of all-for-one tourism in Taishan, as well as the development of rural tourism. Meanwhile, they gave relevant advices. In the Taishan tourism hub, Zeng Yingru said that the exact requirement of tourists should be recognized. Also, they can cooperate with online tourism platforms to further promote Jiangmen tourism. In Nancun art tribute, she gave credit for the alteration of old school, and wished it can attract more famous artists, casting a higher level art tribute. As to the construction of Doushan tourism stage, by knowing there were noted eel farms around, she said that they can collaborate with Japanese restaurants, to let more tourists “slow down” and “stay”. Zeng Yingru surveyed Haikou harbor south-Guangdong ancient post, visited the Yinxin Museum, and gave suggestions like the nearby river course ameliorated, pleasure-boat project, and connection with the Mei courtyard.

February last year, the National Tourism Bureau published the list of the first batch of National all-for-one tourism exemplar districts, Taishan and Kaiping listed. After more than a year, Taishan and Kaiping actively carried out the establishment of exemplary district, and made excellent achievements.


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