The urbanization rate of Jiangmen reached 51.16%

October 13th, the videophone conference of Guangdong household registration reform was held. Recent achievements of the reform was summarized, and the deployments of accelerating the reform and enhancing population urbanization rate were discussed. Xu xiaoxiong, member of the Municipal Committee and vice mayor, and Gao chengmiao, vice mayor and director of the Municipal Bureau of Public Security watched the conference in Jiangmen session.

Achievements of the reform made in Guangdong was fully appreciated in the conference, when new situations and issues at present were analyzed and the subsequent work was deployed.

The implementation conference of Jiangmen was held just after the Guangdong conference. Xu xiaoxiong pointed out that as the urbanization rate of Jiangmen reached 51.16%, the overall task of this year has been completed. The household registration reform of Jiangmen made salient achievements, in the main represented as follow: the policy framework of the main body of the reform by and large takes shape; the urban-rural integrated household registration system is established; population service management in reality is further improved. In the next step, five projects should be emphasized. First, actively promote urban settlement of non-registered people, and further broaden accesses of settlement in Jiangmen. Second, gradually promote urban-rural integrated management, fight for registered population urbanization rate of Jiangmen of more than 54% in 2020. Third, cultivate a robust industry system, increase employment opportunities and living security for rural people entering cities. Fourth, make greater effort in financial support for rural transfer urbanization and build a dynamic adjustment mechanism. Fifth, establish the system combining increasing scale of urban construction land and rural transfer urban settlement.



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