Jiangmen art industry reaches 20 billion yuan annual turnover

Recently, Dongyi palace lanterns were positioned at the green belts at the crossing of Donghu Square, Jianshe Road and Huanshi Road, adding traditional cultural atmosphere to the city. Art productions make life beautiful and impart cultural taste to the city.

Jiangmen has precious art resources, the production including sculpture, glass, weaving, lacquer, furniture, metal, trinket and other artifacts. Xinhui traditional furniture, Taishan Dajiang traditional furniture, Enping Stone and Dongyi palace lantern constantly explore new development space while succeeding the quintessence of traditional craft. Taishan Jade and craftwork glass become rising stars. Diamond and jewelry inlay, Heshan gulch gold ware, wood carving, root carving, stone carving, replica plant, lacquer painting, resin artifact, iron wire artifact, rattan ware and bamboo ware, shine like stars in Jiangmen art industry.

In accordance with incomplete statistics, in art industry of Jiangmen, there are more than 6000 enterprises and research units working in arts and crafts creation, production and sales, with more than 250 thousand employees and about 20 billion yuan of annual turnover, steadily positioned in the top 3 in Jiangmen cultural industry. Traditional furniture, Taishan jade carving and artifact glass are the three major segments which account for the largest part, becoming brilliant Jiangmen marker, and leading the development of Jiangmen art and craft industry.


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