Jiangmen officially became the National Forest City

October 10th morning, as the 2017 Forest City Seminar was held in Chengde, Hebei Province, Jiangmen and other 19 cities were dubbed the National Forest City by the National Greening Committee and the National Forestry Bureau. Jiangmen Mayor Liu Yi attended and represented Jiangmen to accept the plaque. Vice Mayor Liang Xuzan attended relevant activities.

Establishing the National Forest City, is both the objective requirement of economic and social development and ecological civilization construction, and the intense inclination of citizens to improve the ecological environment. Long before 2012, Jiangmen started the greening events, as well as the entire forest city establishment.

During the establishment, Jiangmen founded the special team leaded by the Mayor. The officers of the Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government visited each districts to supervise, and routinely held the meetings to implement recent tasks, promoting the establishment in high level.

The establishment brings three-dimension effects to Jiangmen in ecology, society and economy. Since 2013, Jiangmen afforested 4.565 million acres and cultured forest of 44.3 thousand acres, an annual average of 0.8%. City forest coverage has rose from 52.04% in 2013 to 53.72% in last year. Up to 2016, Jiangmen has built 916 parks of any kind, 2082 km of green ways, generally improving the living environment of the citizens and the ecological quality.


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