Passport of overseas Chinese in attention and acclaim

July to October this year, the first National special exhibition of passport of overseas Chinese programmed by Jiangmen was held in the Beijing Museum. The exhibition drew attention and acclaim both abroad and at home, successfully improving the popularity and reputation of Jiangmen.

As is known by the reporter, it was the 6th time Jiangmen organize an exhibition in Beijing. Of late, the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting and Press introduced the Notice about further promoting display of historical relic, actively facilitating more going out of the display.

The exhibition was organized by Jiangmen Government and Guangdong Bureau of Historical Relic, supported by Beijing Museum and Jiangmen Museum, reflecting the resolution and industry of the overseas Chinese along with the brilliant history when they actively integrated themselves into the society, maintained the Chinese characteristic, and developed with different peoples.

With wide concern from the society, the exhibition not only received high comment from the audience, but was interviewed by more than 20 media such as People’s Daily and the Xinhua News Agency. The report of the latter about the passport of overseas Chinese gained 200,000 clicks.

The exhibition attracted, even the overseas media, as the famous French newspaper European Times in particular made 3 pages of the entire special report from Sep 8th to 14th, unfolding the exhibition with pictures and details. In addition, the Huashang News of Cambodia made an entire report for the exhibition.

As is known by the reporter, in recent years, Jiangmen has held 6 exhibitions of historical relic in Beijing, and some in major cities like Wuhan and Guangzhou, polishing the plaque of Hometown of Overseas Chinese.

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