Director of bureau of Cultural relic investigated in Jiangmen

September 20th to 21st, Song Xinchao, director of national bureau of cultural relic, came to Jiangmen and investigated the regulation engineering of the Maritime Silk Road projects applying the World Heritage and the underwater archaeological investigation of the Shangchuan Island sea area, with experts of the Department of Cultural Relic Preservation and Archaeology and of the National Cultural Relic Research Institute. Mayor Liu Yi, and Zhou Huihong, member of the Municipal Committee and the minister of Propaganda Department attended the relevant events.

Yesterday morning, Song Xinchao and his party went on the China Archaeology 01 Vessel which was conducting underwater archaeology investigation at the Shangchuan Island sea area. Since 2015, the Vessel has been investigating at the area every year. Subsequently, they visited several places of the regulation engineering including the Cemetery of the Pope Francis, the Dazhou bay Huawan lawn and the Catholic Church in Xindi Village. As is reported, since the Cemetery-Dazhou bay was included into the first batch of the Project, each part of work in applying the World Heritage has been finishing with steady pace, and achieving new outcomes constantly.

In recent years, on the basis of the special culture of the hometown of overseas Chinese, Jiangmen improved the application of the World Heritage, preserved local cultural relic and excavated and integrated the overseas Chinese culture, creating a new circumstance of the cultural relic preservation. Nowadays, there is 1 World Culture Heritage, 201 of the relic preservation units, 1 Guangdong underwater relic preservation area, 1 national historical renowned town, 4 national historical renowned villages and 6 public museums.


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