The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum was held in Jiangmen

September 15th, the 2017 Silicon Valley-Shenzhen-Jiangmen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum was held by the Municipal Overseas Chinese Association and TusStar in Jiangmen, with the theme claiming to facilitate the soar of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area with joint effort and win-win situation, in order to attract the famous entrepreneurship mentors, overseas highbrow talents, overseas Chinese, young entrepreneur and innovation team, and elite delegates of venture capital investment institutes to Jiangmen, who are capable of making plans and solving problems for the construction of the Bay Area.

The forum began with entrepreneurs from 8 different fields sharing experiences. Dr. Yu Kaiwei, deputy chairman of the Jiangmen Chinese Returnees International who is in Jiangmen Kaichang science and technology development company, and Dr. Wen Weicai, the founder of Yidian Chanxin, shared their experience with topics My Job and Entrepreneurship and Modern Design and Traditional Wuyi Culture, respectively, making good explanation and examples for the combination of abroad study experience and Jiangmen business situation, as well as the reconstruction of local conventional culture, inviting spates of applause.

The forum invited Zhou Mingsheng, famous entrepreneur mentor, major partner of south branch of the AnYong Consulting Company, who gave a speech with the topic The Overview of the Bay Area and the Secret of Business Success, giving experience in several views including Jiangmen’s location, hometown of overseas Chinese, and consulting service for magnates of major industries for years, as a climax of the forum. Then, the fantastic road shows of preliminary projects like Maliang Drew Cakes, and Starting Point Technology, demonstrated the verve and creative ideas of the teams, as well as the inclusiveness and innovation of Jiangmen as a national example city of small scale innovation and entrepreneurship.

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