Fiji Commerce and Trading Delegate visited Jiangmen

September 19th, Minister of Fiji Industry, Trade, Tourism, Land and Mineral Resource Department Hon. Faiyaz Siddiq Koya led a commerce and trading delegate to visit Jiangmen, discussed the exchange between the twin cities of Jiangmen and Lautoka, communicated with Jiangmen entrepreneurs in business, to improve the economic and trading relationships. Yi Zhongqiang, member of the Municipal Committee, Minister of the United Front, met with Faiyaz Koya and his party, and witnessed the signing of relevant cooperation agreements.

Faiyaz Koya used to visited Jiangmen at January last year and May this year. Last time, we jointly planted the friendship tree, and signed the Jiangmen-Lautoka twin cities establishment memorandum.  In July this year, the Municipal Overseas Chinese Bureau with entrepreneurs visited Fiji, and exchanged ideas about economic trading in both sides. This time, Faiyaz Koya and his party was invited to attend the 2017 Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Exhibition, and carried out communication with Jiangmen.

Faiyaz Koya said, as both an opportunity and a platform, to improve Fiji in cooperation in 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, can effectively facilitate mutual trading exchange. Yi Zhongqiang said, as the interaction between Jiangmen and Fiji increases, and the trading relationships conducive to both sides is established with some Jiangmen enterprises, the friendship is greatly improved.

Jiangmen International Commerce Party signed the Cooperation Memorandum with Tianlun Investment Fiji Corporation, reinforcing Jiangmen’s external trading cooperation, making effort in constructing the international network of Jiangmen trading and business invitation, and boosting the cooperation and development of both sides.

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