The Jiangmen Red Cross popularized first aid

Last night (September 8th), the Jiangmen Red Cross held the event of World First Aid Day, where more than 100 participants by families as a unit experienced the first aid situations, learned several knowledge and skills of evacuation, injury treatment and cardiac resuscitation by virtual reality. The Deputy Mayor Lai Yanfen attended.

The theme of the Day this year is First Aid and Accidental Injury at Home. As is reported, in China, there are some 50,000 children are injured or died in accidence, 137 each day in average. 52% happened at home, and more than 73% happened in company with parents or adults. In fact, more than 85% of those tragedies can be avoided with effective measures. Last night, the Red Cross ran the event in the form of competition in which the participants sought the potential safety problems at home, and of the imitation of a few disasters like fire, quake and flood to disseminate first aid knowledge.

“Our family’s first aid awareness is okay, because my husband works in a hospital, but we still learned a lot.” said Huang Chunyi who participated, “An event with both knowledge and fun like this, is easy to understand and conducive for children.” Her son beside said: “Hide under the chair in no time if there’s quake. That’s what I learned today.” The principal of the Jiangmen Red Cross said, they wish, in such intriguing ways, people can learn first aid knowledge, to educate a child, to motivate a family, and to promote the entire society to learn skills of self-aid and mutual-aid.

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