Municipal governors carried out the guidance of National Civilized City Establishment

Yesterday (September 12nd) morning, member of the Municipal Committee Li Weimin carried out the guidance of National Civilized City Establishment in Jingxian School and Jiangmen 1st secondary with his party. He asked that each school in Jiangmen should inspect problems with contrast, gain full experience from previous problem, and carry out the guidance and rectification in depth; meanwhile, take the establishment as an opportunity, explore the sustainability of the establishment, create a beautiful school environment, constantly consummate the school management and enhance the quality of teaching.

Yesterday morning, the inspection group came to the Jingxian School, visited and inspected the achievement of the school construction and the establishment of civilized city, and rendered full acclaim to the relevant hardware facilities, propaganda atmosphere and the ethos of teachers and students. Besides, they also inspected the construction of mental health room and the student canteen. Li Weimin said, with the opportunity of the establishment, Jingxian School ought to explore the sustainable mechanism of the establishment, continue to make full use of the mental health room, keep carrying out the mental civilization construction in places like canteen, standardize the educational management, complete the management mechanism, reinforce the content construction and raise the management quality.

Then, the group came to Jiangmen 1st Secondary, and carried out inspection aiming at the problems found out recently. After the rectification, they were carrying out the propaganda of socialism core value with electronic monitors, display boards, outdoors advertisements and other forms. Li Weimin asked that the school should make greater efforts to clean the leaves and twigs caused by the typhoon, restore the greenery of the school as soon as possible, standardize the management of the buildings and canteens, constantly enhance the promotion of mental civilization and materialized the sustainability of the establishment.

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