Post-Doctor talent recruit and abutment conference was held in Jiangmen

  Yesterday, in Jiangmen the 2017 post-doctor innovation demonstration center post-doctor talent recruit and abutment conference was held, enabling high schools, the government and enterprises to communicate in depth revolving around the post-doctor talent introduction and cultivation.

  8 high schools and research institutes like Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology and Jinan University, communicated with 10 post-doctor scientific research work stations in Jiangmen and 60 enterprises and institutional organizations that have constructed or have planned to construct post-doctor research work stations and innovation base. Jiangmen Chancsun Umicore Industry, QHT, Downstone and other enterprises talked about their requirement concerning technology hurdle and post-doctor talent. As the advantages of their own science and research were introduced, they think that Jiangmen thinks highly of talent, and is equipped with the conditions and space for the development of post-doctor talent, and they suggested that institutions in need of post-doctor talent should emphasize the recruitment mechanism improvement, treatment and inspiration enhancement, occupation program optimization and service supporting reinforcement. Also, they will make great effort to coordinate and support Jiangmen enterprises and institutions.

  He Dong rendered acclaim to the effect of the communication.

  Li Weimin stressed that the construction of the demonstration center ought to be improved and the innovation and entrepreneurship ought to be supported and completed, post-doctor research station and innovation practice bases should actively increase the abutment with the institutes and schools to speed up the recruitment of talents.


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