Jiangmen disposed the Low-Carbon Development Fund

Of late, Jiangmen issued the Jiangmen Low-Carbon Development Fund Management Approach, carried out on October 1st. In accordance with the Approach, the fund support in two major ways, later subsidy and award instead. The sum of subsidy can reach 30% of the overall investment to the projects carried out mainly with independent fund.

On purpose of promoting Jiangmen’s low carbon development, municipal finance hereto disposed the fund. As pointed out in the Approach, the fund is supposed to support the relevant fundamental and exemplary work of low carbon development, including six major segments: elementary research concerning low carbon development and the technology development and promotion of its appliance; subsidize and award the low carbon industry, construction, community, traffic, clean energy, forest carbon accumulation increase and ecological protection and other exemplary projects; increase people’s low carbon awareness and establish low carbon work system and fund; give awards to the units actively participating in voluntary greenhouse gas emission reduction, carbon popularity benefit, carbon label and other low carbon identification regulations; other agendas relative to low carbon development in the Municipal Government demand and the fund for pilot construction of municipal low carbon city.

As is stipulated by the Approach, the two major manners of the fund are later subsidy and award instead, and concrete sum is calculated comprehensively on project character and investment sum. To the projects carried out mainly with independent fund, later subsidy pertains. According to the project content, investment scale and other certain subsidies, in principle they should be at most 30% of the overall investment, and the subsidy of a single project should not be more than the annual budget of the low carbon development fund.

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