China-Switzerland Customs started the AEO identification

Switzerland is the first Europe continental country to sign and carry out the Free Trade Agreement with China, and the second major Europe trade partner with China. As the reporter knew in Jiangmen Customs, since September when the identification is carried out, identified enterprises of both sides will enjoy the clearance convenience. At present, there are some 150 enterprises doing business between Jiangmen and Switzerland, 32 of which have gained the high-grade identification to enjoy the convenience now.

As introduced, AEO is the acronym of Authorized Economic Operator. According to the international clearance rule, Customs provides the identification for the enterprises with good credit, observance of law and safety management, to offer clearance convenience to them. In accordance with the China-Switzerland Free Trade Agreement, Chinese manufacturer with high-grade AEO will gain the qualification of Permitted Exporter, and can enjoy the conductive measure of Origin Declaration when exporting to Switzerland. When the AEO identification is carried out, 5 convenient measures will be offered to enterprises of both sides, including reduction of goods inspection, being evaluated as a safe trade partner, priority of disposition to ensure rapid clearance, designation of Customs contactor, and priority of clearance when the trade suspension is resumed. The average inspection proportion and the clearance duration are expected to decrease to 30% and 50%, effective to reduce the trade price of enterprises.

In addition to Switzerland, Chinese Customs has partnered with the EU, Singapore, South Korea and New Zealand in AEO identification. It will be arranged in mainland and Hong Kong.

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