Hu Chunhua came to Jiangmen and inspected the disaster relief

  Yesterday, the Provincial Secretary Hu Chunhua came to Jiangmen, inspected and guided the disaster relief. He stressed that priority should be given to the recovery of the normal life of the masses, as well as the enhancement of the capacity of coastal areas to prevent and relieve the disaster.

  Recently, Jiangmen was attacked by the Typhoon Hato and Pakhar, two devastating disaster, resulting in torrential rain, causing dangers in 73 towns (street). In Hengjiang Village Doushan Town Taishan City, Hu Chunhua went into the field to see the damaged crops, and went into households to visit the affected people. Chunhua encouraged the villagers to establish confidence, actively respond, make efforts to overcome the disaster; asked the relevant department to further help the affected people, guide the villagers to pay close attention to repair damaged farmland, improve drainage facilities and equipment, reseed and change it to the short-term, high-efficiency economic crops, to make up for disaster losses. In the Taishan Guangdong DCENTI, Hu Chunhua saw the damage of the plant, by inquiring the manager and going into the production workshop and warehouse to see the resumption of production, asked the relevant departments to do well in disaster relief guidance, to help enterprises to resume production as soon as possible.

  Hu Chunhua also visited Jiangmen Kejie Machinery, Guangdong-Zhongshan-Jiangmen highway construction site, Fuhua Equipment Machinery Manufacturing Industrial Park and Heshan Longkou Town Xiaonan Village, Heshan Hospital Zhishan Branch, to see the impact of typhoon, research equipment manufacturing industry development and new rural construction situation.

  Provincial governors Jiangling, Deng Haiguang and others participated in the events. Party Secretary Lin Yingwu, Mayor Liu Yi and Municipal governors Feng Lijian, Xu Xiaoxiong, Liang Xuzan, Lin Feiming, Cai Dewei, Lai Yanfen and others accompanied.



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