Mayor Liu Yi went to Xinhui to guide disaster relief

With the impact of the Typhoon Hato, there are detriments in various degree in agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, some enterprises and construction projects in towns of Xinhui. Yesterday (August 24) afternoon, deputy secretary of the Municipal Committee, mayor Liu Yi went to Shadui, Sanjiang and other towns in Xinhui to inspect and guide the disaster relief and production recovery, requiring towns (street, district) of Xinhui to attach great importance to prevent rain and waterlog with rapid action by mobilizing all forces to participate in disaster relief.

Liu Yi came to Dulian village Shadiu town to check and supervise the relief of Baochangwei. Affected by the typhoon, August 23 afternoon, Baochangwei Dulian village Shadiu town flooded, especially the low-lying areas, resulting in 1300 acres of fish ponds flooded. After the peril, Shadui town organized militia in no time of 50 people and rushed to rescue and control. The armed police of Guangdong brigade Jiangmen detachment and militia from towns, more than 150 people, also rushed to the embankment to participate in the rescue. After more than 20 hours of continuous endeavor, more than 400 piles are driven, more than 16,000 sandbags and 100 hard rounding were laid. Emergency relief is still in progress.

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