Liu Yi went to Taishan to take charge in typhoon protection

August 22 afternoon, after Jiangmen’s anti-typhoon deployment of Typhoon Hato, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Liu Yi immediately went to Taishan and supervised the protection.

During the supervision in Taishan, Liu Yi listened to the work report of Taishan 3-proof, water service, meteorology, ocean and fishery, land and housing construction, and checked the windbreak work of 7 towns in Taishan through live video connection.

Liu Yi pointed out that Taishan's windbreak work was deployed early, so the time is enough. Meanwhile, they were meticulous, reflecting the fact that the towns and the departments are familiar with various work. In addition, problems could be solved because the measures were practical towards different problems.

Liu Yi said that whether Typhoon Hato is going to attack right on Jiangmen, the impact to Taishan will be enormous, so towns and departments of Taishan should keep vigilant, and follow up all the preparation down the frontline again before the typhoon’s arrival. The general demand is to be meticulous and more meticulous, lower the risk of disasters to the minimum to ensure people's lives and property security.

It is reported that the Taishan 3-proof headquarter has started the joint duty mechanism at 22:00 on August 22. Taishan water service, ocean and fishery, tourism, land, housing and other departments of critical areas have dispatch a few teams and technicians to the towns and streets to guide the inspection so as to carry out anti-typhoon tasks on August 22. According to the "five 100%" demands of typhoon protection, Taishan strengthened the transference and settlement of critical people and strived to take care of every single house, ship and individual, to lower the disaster risk to a minimum and to ensure lives and property security of people.


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