The award ceremony of the Jiangmen National Forest City Establishment Photography Contest was held

Yesterday (August 20) morning, "Forest Jiangmen, Beautiful City" Jiangmen National Forest City Establishment Photography Contest award ceremony and picture album issuance ceremony was held in Jiangmen Daily News Hall. In the event, they displayed the works of the award-winning and selected album, introduced the editorial publishing situation, presented the bonus and albums to the representatives of authors, and gave books to the Wuyi Library, the Xinhui Jingtang Library and others.

At present, Jiangmen is making efforts to create a National Forest City. In order to further advocate the ecological civilization, to promote the in-depth development of activities of Jiangmen National Forest City, Jiangmen started the photography contest in July last year, to solicit contributions. The event has supports from Jiangmen Daily, Jiangmen Photographers Association and the relevant departments. After more than two months of efforts, the collection is finished.

After strict selection, 120 outstanding works were listed. In April this year, in order to further stimulate the photography passion of people, and show Jiangmen’s achievements, the contest was held again, and ultimately 150 fine works were listed.

Reporters learned that after the end of two contests, Jiangmen has edited and printed the exceptional works in June this year. "Forest Jiangmen Beautiful City - Impression of Jiangmen National Forest City Establishment" and "Forest Jiangmen Beautiful City - Action of Jiangmen National Forest City Establishment". They demonstrated the contruction of Jianmgen’s long-term environment virescence, forest preservation and National Forest City establishment, in a brand-new perspective and various points of view, reproducing the moving scenes in the process of Jiangmen ecological civilization construction.



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