Mucipal governors led a delegation to visit Brazil

Of late, the Municipal Committee member, the United Front Work Minister Yi Zhongqiang led Jiangmen Overseas Chinese Economic and Trade Delegation to visit the Sao Paulo, Brazil, visited the Brazil Association of Guangdong, Commerce and Industry Association of Pakistan and China, Brazil Jiangmen Wuyi Youth Federation and Chinese in Sao Paulo Consulate, to see the development of Brazilian overseas Chinese and the work of their organizations.

On behalf of the delegation, Yi Zhongqiang expressed his gratitude to the efforts made by overseas Chinese over the years and the activities carried out by the Consulate. With a long history of immigration, many Guangdong compatriots in Brazil are from Jiangmen area, playing an important role in the construction of a peaceful and harmonious overseas Chinese community, as well as promoting the cultural and economic exchanges between Guangdong and Brazil.

During the visitation, Yi Zhongjiang introduced the economic development of Jiangmen, aimed at creating opportunities to open up the Brazil market for the Jiangmen entrepeneurs, to enable them to step foreign and faciliate the exchange and coorperation of China-Brazil trading. In addition, the delegation also took a field inspection for the "Seventh World Jiangmen Youth Conference" in 2020 in Brazil. Yi Zhongqiang said that the "Sixth World Jiangmen Youth Conference" is scheduled to be held in Los Angeles in 2018, and welcomed the Brazilian Jiangmen youth enthusiastically attended. He also wished that we will strive to create the conditions for the next World Jiangmen Youth Conference held in Brazil. "


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