Jiangmen will give full support to promote the expansion of ecological public welfare forest

The Municipal Government recently called the meeting of expansion of ecological public welfare forest and eucalypt management, demanding all cities (districts) and relevant departments to pay attention and implement the responsibility, to draw the forests possessing important ecological area and located in fragile ecological environment as ecological public welfare forest, to ensure that by the end of this year 53.5 million mu of new ecological public welfare forest will be completed to accelerate the construction of ecological civilization of Jiangmen. Vice Mayor Liang Xuzan attended the meeting.

It was pointed out that by the end of this year, Jiangmen needs 53.5 million mu of ecological public welfare forest. As of the end of July, 14.03 million mu has been completed. As the key point of the project, this year the mission of Diyichongshan commercial forest of Jiangmen potable water source reservoir has been adjusted to 5.17 million mu, as of the end of July 2.76 million mu completed. In the process of promoting the expansion of ecological public welfare forest, the cities (districts) actively explored, putting up a lot of ideas and methods with local practice. Xinhui district employed the idea of "draw once, implement in two steps". Liang Xuzan fully affirmed it, and asked the cities (districts) to emulate.

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