Jiangmen public safety education experience museum completed

Yesterday (August 10) morning, the completion adn transference ceremony of Jiangm public safety education experience museum was held in the Jiangmen Youth Palace. The Municipal Government Emergency Office conducted the tranference with the Jiangmen Youth Palace, with Vice Mayor Liang Xuzan’s participation.

As reported, the Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government attaches great importance to public safety education, taking it as an important part of "Prosper business, benefit people, manage officers and simply politics". Therefore, the Municipal Government hereby arranges special funds to build the Jiangmen public safety education experience museum. Located in the 4th floor of the Jiangmen Youth Palace, with the main exhibition area covering 466 square meters, consisting of nine distinctive experience areas including traffic safety experience area, high altitude escape experience area, fire experience area, cardiopulmonary resuscitation experience area, natural disaster experience area, infectious disease control experience area, home security experience area, earthquake escape experience area and multimedia learning area, the museum will become one of the major place to popularize public safety knowledge to Jiangmen people, especially youths and students.

The experience museum conducted a comprehensive design by thematic experience, with public safety education as the core and natural disaster, accident and public hygiene as the clue. Public safety knowledge is displayed vividly and comprehensively with digital multimedia, 3D video, virtual and real, mechanical and electrical integration and other modern means.


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